Announcing…Our Top Baby Name Options for B2

We’ve finally nailed down the names for B2.

For a boy: Buster
For a girl: Busterina

Why such unusual names, you ask?  Ellie is currently in love with buses.  She lights up whenever she sees a bus.  She’s also careful to delineate between “big” buses and “baby” buses when she sees them.  It’s really important to us that Ellie be able to say her little brother or sister’s name correctly from the very beginning.  So we’ve decided that being able to call the baby, “Baby Bus” as a nickname will be a really great way for her to establish a strong connection with her little brother or sister right from the start.  We also think that B2 will really appreciate knowing that we named him/her after his/her big sister’s favorite inanimate object when she was two.

Besides, we loved Arrested Development and since we’re pretty sure this baby is a boy, we figure that naming him “Buster” would be a nice tribute to that.

It’s nice to have this taken care of!  We’re definitely ready for B2 to come now! 😉

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8 Responses to Announcing…Our Top Baby Name Options for B2

  1. Sepideh Miller says:

    Have you considered Busserella or maybe Bussabelle for a girl?

  2. Mom says:

    You’re so funny!!!

  3. Mom Thompson says:

    There is always Bussby or Bussbee or Bussbey –but maybe that would be bubssurd

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