Why We Think B2 is a Boy (But No Ultrasounds for Us!)

Before Ellie was born, we were pretty sure she was a girl, mostly because I’d had 2-3 dreams in which I clearly knew that she was a girl and because one of the midwives in our practice had been fairly definitive in her opinion that she was a girl.  Pretty flimsy I know but we ended up being right!

So this time around, we’re trending towards, “Baby B2 is a boy,” and here’s why:

1. I’ve only had one baby-related dream and in that dream, he was a boy.  Granted, he also looked like Ellie’s doll but still, he was a boy!

2.  With Ellie, my hair was excessively greasy.  With this pregnancy, my hair is actually far less greasy than usual.  This points to different hormones in my body and to a boy.

3. People are telling me that my belly looks different, that I’m carrying this baby differently.  So maybe that means boy?

4. The same midwife who touched my tummy with Ellie and said, “Hello little girl!”, did the same thing to me at my last appointment.  Only this time, she didn’t even ask me if we knew boy/girl, she just said, “Hello little guy!”  Will she be right two times in a row?

5.  Two different Chinese birth calendars both tell me that B2 will be a boy.  (One of them was wrong with Ellie.)  (Obviously, we don’t put our confidence in these things.)

So there you go.  Overwhelming evidence that we’re having a boy! 🙂  But don’t worry, we are neither holding our breath or buying lots of blue clothes.  We are fully prepared and happy to welcome either a son or a daughter whenever he or she decides to join us.

Here’s why we won’t know for sure about boy/girl until he/she is born:

We decided not to have any ultrasounds with this baby.  With Ellie, I did have two ultrasounds (a dating ultrasound at 8 weeks and the standard 20-week ultrasound to check for problems).  Those ultrasounds were incredibly stressful and troubling for me, primarily because I know of too many people who’ve been told that their baby will have terrible birth defects, only to eventually find out that the baby is perfectly fine.

This pregnancy, we asked our midwives if we could skip them altogether and they told us that we definitely could.  There’s actually not much compelling medical research to show that routine medical ultrasounds are actually all that useful.  Ultrasounds that are ordered by medical professionals because there are other indications of problems usually are quite useful.  But the ultrasounds done just because the technology allows it usually don’t provide much useful information.  So, we were happy to skip them entirely.

If our midwives think it’s necessary (because they think there’s a problem), we will have an ultrasound but we will only do one as a last resort.

I’ve been really grateful not to have to have any ultrasounds this pregnancy.  I know that probably sounds weird because most women are really excited for the chance to “see” their baby.  I, rather, have really enjoyed just being pregnant without anything from the outside intruding on the experience.  It’s made me a much calmer pregnant mama, I think.

So, little boy or little girl, we’re excitedly waiting to find out what and who you will be, come December/January!  (We’d love the tax credit though so come in 2012 if you can!)

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7 Responses to Why We Think B2 is a Boy (But No Ultrasounds for Us!)

  1. Valerie says:

    Good for you for choosing to skip ultrasounds! I intend on doing the same if we are blessed with another baby. I wrote about that decision as well as others here: http://atlantamomofthree.wordpress.com/2012/09/10/planning-for-a-more-natural-pregnancy/ Funny about the gender guessing. 🙂 I was sure we were having a boy with my first because I had twin boy dreams, but it was our daughter in there! Then I had no idea with baby #2 (our son), but I “knew” it was a boy with our third. I just did. No dreams or anything, just resembled my son’s pregnancy a lot. 😉 And I was right!

    • Laura says:

      I’ve definitely been thinking more about a “natural pregnancy” this time (as well as natural childbirth) than I did with my first pregnancy. It’s definitely been good for me. Thanks for sharing that link for your blog – we’ve made different choices than you (such as we said yes to gestational diabetes testing but no to GBS) but what true for both of us (and most important I think) is the process of evaluating each thing rather than just accepting whatever we’re told that we “have” to do.

  2. Eliz. K says:

    I second the “good for you”! We skipped it for our Little One, and got the funniest comments from strangers and friends… the best was, “are you hoping to be extra surprised?” (about what?! it’s a baby in there; there are two options…)

    We both had boy dreams, and my MIL pointed out some hormone-related stuff that seemed to point in a boy-direction. He is a boy 🙂 (Though I also had a dream that there were twins, and there weren’t!) I was glad to have gotten to a place that I would’ve been happy with either. Annnnd now I’m looking fwd to whenever a girl comes along!

    • Laura says:

      Thanks! It is interesting the comments people make. Usually, I just say that we’re excited for a baby and whatever we get, we’re thrilled for! 🙂

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