For Some Baby News of the Less Interesting Kind

Nik and I went to my 40-week midwife appointment yesterday.  All is well, baby is doing fine, and we’re just waiting for B2.  I did have an internal exam done but asked that I not be told the results.  I didn’t want to be told, “You’re four centimeters dilated!” and then still have to wait a week or more for the baby to come.  So we’re still in blissful ignorance of the specifics of that and are doing our best to wait patiently.

And the worst part of all this waiting?  (Prepare yourself for a little whining.)  Nik has to go back to work tomorrow, which means I’m actually going to have to take care of my child!  I’ve become thoroughly spoiled over the past week and a half of winter vacation.  I’ve slept in, taken naps when I want to, and generally been a deliciously lazy mom.  So back to the grindstone for me tomorrow.  Ellie  is going to go into “Baba-withdrawal” too I know.  She’s become thoroughly attached to him doing everything for and with her, to the extent that she doesn’t even pay attention to me anymore.  So we’ll both probably be a little whiny tomorrow, unless, of course, B2 decides to join us tonight.  We can always hope!

001 (533x800)

at 40 weeks

006 (800x533)

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2 Responses to For Some Baby News of the Less Interesting Kind

  1. Mom says:

    Ellie looks like she’s saying, ” where are you, baby?”!

    • Laura says:

      Funny enough, she was actually fussing at me to get out of the chair because she wanted more room for her legs but at least the picture turned out cute! 🙂

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