Cross That Kitchen Off The List

Well, no baby in sight so today I took everything out of all our kitchen cupboards/drawer and pantry, washed them inside and out, tossed/gave away stuff we don’t need/use any more, threw out outdated spices, reorganized, and generally gave myself a nice, clean, lovely kitchen.  The last time I did a deep clean (and especially reorganize) of our kitchen like this was just after Nik and I got married so it was about time, I suppose!

Once I was finished with all of that, Nik swept and mopped and now, the kitchen is great!

So, I can cross off, “deep clean and reorganize kitchen,” from the “Before the Baby Comes” list and hopefully, this baby will be here soon!

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3 Responses to Cross That Kitchen Off The List

  1. Sepideh Miller says:

    My son is finally feeling better, but I was convinced that you would definitely have the baby and would not want to play.

    Let us reschedule our play date that will never happen. I am sure that this will encourage B2 to come because we are attempting to schedule a play date that was never meant to be. So just pick a date, and I am sure that the baby will come then.

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