Is It Nesting If I’ve Been Planning to Do This For Weeks?

Today, I spent most of the day cleaning our upstairs.  I even swept/dusted the stairs on my way down.  Keep in mind we don’t use the upstairs – at all – in our daily lives.  My sewing room is up there but for practical, daily life, we don’t use it.

Nik says I’m nesting.  I asked him if it was nesting if I’ve been planning to do this for weeks.  Namely, I’ve been planning to start deep cleaning the house about now (39 weeks), figuring either I’ll get a lot of cleaning done or the baby will come sooner or both.

Pretty good plan right?  And it’s so nice to know that all the clutter is gone from upstairs, everything is dusted, the floors are swept, everything is in its place, and there’s clean sheets on the guest room bed.  I even folded up the ironing board and unplugged and covered my sewing machine.

Now if only I could say all of that was true for the main part of our house, which is where we actually live!  Maybe I should have started down here and moved upstairs once the downstairs was done but at least I know that the upstairs will stay clean. 🙂

I guess you can say I’m nesting.  Just waiting for B2!

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6 Responses to Is It Nesting If I’ve Been Planning to Do This For Weeks?

  1. Valerie says:

    OH, I remember nesting! It was like a two month thing for me! LOL I had my husband helping me do some serious deep cleaning! Sometimes he’d just look at me like I was nuts but he knew why I was acting so crazy so that made it ok. 😉
    Fingers crossed it’s soon!

  2. Mom says:

    But what a good feeling, knowing it’s clean. Even if you rarely see it!

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