Faith Christian Fellowship Advent 2015: Incredible!

Saturday afternoon, our church welcomed the beginning of Advent by celebrating our Savior, Jesus Christ, who REIGNS! With many original songs and adaptions, a spoken narrative interspersed throughout, and the amazing diversity of our church all together for the glory of God, it was an incredible concert! Every year at this time, I am blown away by the depth of talent, love and commitment displayed by the many musicians and artists (of all disciplines) who reside in our church.

Please enjoy these pictures, taken by Nik.    I tried to get everyone but I know that’s impossible so my apologies if I missed you! I also know that there are SO many people to thank and acknowledge so I’m not even going to try.  Know that my love and thanks go out to all of you!

advent 038 (800x533)Yiayia came with us, which was great, because it meant we could ignore Mark and do all our other jobs. 🙂

advent 039 (800x533)Amazing banner by one of our resident artists, Joanna King

advent 057 (800x533) advent 061 (800x533)advent 067 (800x533) advent 071 (533x800)

If you want to skip to the chorus when all the kids sing, you’ll find them about 2:40, 3:30, and 5:15.  I wish you could hear my kids singing along as they watch this – star of wonder loud and proud! (And in case you’re wondering why Ellie appears to be wiping tears from her eyes, she told me all the camera flashes were bothering her eyes.)

advent 077 (800x533) advent 084 (800x533) advent 093 (800x533) advent 094 (800x533) advent 105 (800x533) advent 108 (800x533) advent 111 (800x533) advent 114 (800x533) advent 119 (800x533) advent 143 (800x533) advent 147 (800x533)advent 157 (800x533)advent 169 (800x533)yours truly, still loving that skirt Tina gave me so long ago. 🙂

advent 173 (800x533) advent 188 (800x533) advent 211 (533x800) advent 213 (800x533) advent 218 (800x533) advent 228 (800x533) advent 243 (800x533) advent 252 (800x533) advent 258 (800x533) advent 259 (800x533) advent 263 (800x533)

After the concert, the Bazaar was an amazingly beautiful space where the church body pulled together to raise over $3000 to help meet the physical needs of the people in our church and neighborhood! Praise the Lord!

advent 294 (800x533) advent 297 (800x533)advent 290 (800x533)Nik’s and my items in the silent auction (canning lessons from me with totally cute apron donated by another artist and tennis lessons from Nik)

advent 266 (800x533) advent 269 (800x533)my corn sacks (which all sold!) and my friend’s lovely pillow covers

advent 274 (800x533)advent 271 (800x533) advent 275 (800x533)And now, we will celebrate Advent all December long in preparation for Christmas!

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6 Responses to Faith Christian Fellowship Advent 2015: Incredible!

  1. Cindy Stewart says:

    Is there any chance that this program was recorded? We were beyond blessed at last year’s program, but it was impossible for us to make it this year. We were so upset and would love a chance to see it.

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