Classics Club, Book #20: Summer of the Swans (September 2015)

This is my sixth post about 2015’s books for The Classics Club.  I’ll be reading one classic book a month through 2018.  Track what I’m reading for the Classics Club here.  I’ll try not to include too many spoilers in my review but I may need to discuss some in order to fully review the book. I’ll warn you if I’m going to mention one.  

The Summer of the Swans by Betsy Byars

IMG_1397 (800x800)Marko, Ellie’s hand, and me

  • Year Published: 1970
  • Reread? Or new to me?:  new to me
  • Number of Pages: 129
  • Date Finished: just before the end of September
  • Number of Days it took me to read it: 2
  • Page/Day ratio: 65:1
  • Will I reread this?: No


Please forgive me for the briefness of this review.  I’ve fallen WAY behind on reviewing my Classic Club books, although I have kept up with the reading. So I’m remembering my experience reading this from three months ago.

The first of the Newbery’s on my list, Summer of of the Swans was a fast, easy mostly pleasant read.  I just Googled, “Why did Summer of the Swans win the Newbery?” because it frankly seemed like a fairly inconsequential book to me (at least in comparison to some of the other Newbery’s I’ve read).  This led me to a lot of reviews which basically said the same thing. Perhaps I would have been more affected by it if I had been reading it why I myself was an early teenager.  Not sure but I know I won’t read it again.

How about you?  Any other Newbery Award winners that you can think of which made you wonder, “Were no amazing books written that year?”


In January, I’m reading A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court. So far, I’m finding it quite funny.  Want to join me in reading it?

IMG_1391 (799x800)“This was my favorite paragraph!”

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