We’re Home! (with the best souvenirs ever)

We are home and finally feeling recovered from our big trip to Montana!  My whole family converged on my dad’s family’s place in southwest Montana for two weeks of fun.  We had a great time, driving through the West and playing with cousins!

montana 003 (800x533)our first morning in Montana

I’ll share more pictures soon, as soon as we get them all sorted out.  In the meantime, here’s the awesome souvenirs we brought home!

002 (800x533)Those fruit and vegetable prints are destined for color books – they’re perfect!!

My goal is always to bring home something memorable but also useful, preferably locally-made.  I almost always get a mug and now have a nice little collection of locally-made pottery to drink tea out of!  This mug is from Whistle Creek Pottery and we found it at the Good Food Store in Missoula.  (The Good Food Store had, by far, the most amazing bulk food section I’ve ever been in.  It’s worth stopping there just for that!)

The fabric came from the #1 Ladies’ Quilt Shop in Dillon (they don’t appear to have a website).  That’s, by far, the best local quilt shop name I’ve ever seen, particularly because I love those books.  The shop owner and I had a little moment where we shared our love of all things Alexander McCall Smith.

The wool balls are dryer balls that Mom and I found at the Missoula Farmers’ Market.  We bought them from a super nice elderly couple.  The man told me that he doesn’t raise the sheep anymore but he does buy all Montana wool and they make the dryer balls themselves.  Sadly, I forgot to grab their card but if I figure out who they are, I’ll add their information to this post.

All in all, I’m really happy with the treasures we brought home from our trip!  We had a wonderful time with my family and I’m glad that using these things will remind us of that.

montana 061 (800x533)

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6 Responses to We’re Home! (with the best souvenirs ever)

  1. Mom says:

    Such good memories!

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