His and Hers

Diapers bags are necessary when you have a baby (or so I’m told).  So I decided to make two – one for each of us.

His and hers diaper bags, not to be confused for each other:

IKEA has fabulous fabrics that you can buy by the yard and many of them are home dec (i.e. heavier) weight fabric, perfect for projects like this.  So we both have IKEA fabric bags.  (And yes, the lining is the same on both bags.)

Here’s mine (made from this tutorial).  It has lots of pockets, including a zippered one on the outside back, four Velcro pockets on the sides and front and 5 elasticized pockets on the inside.I had fun making this bag because it helped me realize how much I’ve learning about sewing (and how many sewing skills I’ve acquired) over the past couple years.  I think I would have really struggled to make this a year ago but it was easy!

And here’s Nik’s bag, made from the pattern and directions in the book Handmade Beginnings.  Nik’s is much less complicated than mine, with just one zippered pocket and some elastic loops on the inside.  But he does have a matching changing pad!

We’re getting closer to being ready for Baby!

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7 Responses to His and Hers

  1. Heather says:

    What a great idea! I’m so glad Nik doesn’t have to tote around a girly bag!

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