I like big bottoms and I cannot lie

The first cloth diaper Ellie ever wore!

Proof that we have finally entered the world of cloth diapering!  Mom did the hard work of preparing our prefolds for use and now we’re finally using them.  For those who know about these things, right now we’re using organic unbleached prefolds with Thirsties covers.   My friend Julie also very generously gave us her supply of Fuzzi Bunz pocket diapers so we’ll start using those soon too.  We’re still using disposables at night and I haven’t quite gotten  to using the cloth wipes I made this summer.  But at least we started!

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2 Responses to I like big bottoms and I cannot lie

  1. meggan says:

    Selah is dying to pinch Ellie’s thighs. Good work with the cloth. It gets to be pretty fun and worth the work, I think.

  2. jonandleah says:

    The covers look good, got to have them tight on the legs! We have always used disposables at night, Kaitlyn always seemed to sleep better, and so did we!

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