Update – We’re already at 7 weeks!

Ellie is 7 weeks old already!  It’s hard to believe that it’s been that long since our lives changed so dramatically.  We love every day with her.  Certainly not every day has been easy but we are still so grateful that she’s in our family now.

She still has a congested nose but thankfully, we’re all sleeping better now.  Last night, she actually let me sleep for about 4 hour stretch!

She’s also starting to get lots of rolls, especially on her legs.  This morning, I gave her a bath and was pretty proud of myself for managing to get her really clean.  Then, I was drying her off and discovered a couple places on her thighs and behind her knees where I don’t think the water had even touched.  Gross.  I’m going to have to be a super-vigilant crease-cleaner!

We’re off to the chiropractor.  Since Ellie was about 3 weeks old, I’ve been going to a chiropractor who specializes in pre-natal and post-partum care and also adjusts babies.  It’s so cool to see how she can even adjust Eliana’s back with just a few light touches.

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2 Responses to Update – We’re already at 7 weeks!

  1. jonandleah says:

    Rolls are amazing! The chiropractor sounds pretty cool, is it just general care or was there a problem?

    • Laura says:

      Just general post-partum care Leah! Lots of people/books recommended that getting some chiropractic treatment after pregancy is a good way to help your body get back to normal quickly. And I found a woman who specializes in pre-natal/post-partum care. She’s great and I think it’s helped me a lot.

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