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Sleeping on Daddy

or, “Ellie is a very squirmy sleeper.”

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The Fencer

When Ellie is feeling calm and is lying on her back, she often assumes the “Fencer” pose, which is also called the “Tonic Neck Reflex.”  I love this one – I’ll look over at her and she’ll just be posing.  … Continue reading

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Laughing with Mama and Baba

(If you want to sound Greek, put the accent on the last syllable) Ellie is growing into such a fun little girl! ETA:  Zona’s right – she wasn’t actually laughing with me – just really big smiles.  But it felt … Continue reading

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With Gratitude

We had such a fabulous labor and birth experience at Special Beginnings and I wanted to give something for our midwife and our nurse to express our gratitude.  So Tina made them baklava and I sewed them these little wallets, … Continue reading

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Even Ellie helped!

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Not too late we hope!

Happy Birthday Drew! Hope the first one with Grace was awesome!

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Pretty in Pink

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Recipe for a very healthy and delicious salad

I don’t have any pictures of it because I ate it too quickly! 1. Roast sweet potatoes (cut into cubes) with olive oil and garlic.  Let them get cold. 2. On your plate, layer: cold garlic sweet potatoes, cubed hard-boiled … Continue reading

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Sewing for other babies

I’m slowly easing back into sewing.  It’s much harder with a baby!  My first three projects have actually been baby blankets for other friends.  My friend Beth is having twin boys so I made two-boy themed blankets for her.  And … Continue reading

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Too cool

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