Not wanting to make any family members jealous…

Here are some pictures that aren’t of Ezra!

Jonas was very brave and gentle, holding big bugs at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History (and note the Greek kid in the background!):

We were supposed to look serious.  One of us succeeded:

Same story, second verse…

The fam (and the only picture we took of Eric!):

Noah becoming a true Marylander by eating a soft shell crab.  (Jonas ate half of it actually so they’re both true Marylanders).  We tried to scare him out of it by making sure he knew what he was eating (shell, lungs, guts, and all) but he persevered, brave boy!

And, lest you think Nik wasn’t around, here’s the only picture we managed to take of him (at least on our camera).  Selah was having fun with our camera that day!

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