They’re here!

Eric and Meggan, Noah, Selah, Jonas, and Ezra arrived on Friday night!  We picked them up at the airport in DC in our friends’ massive Ford Excursion.  I felt like I was back in the Judge family Suburban days!  When we got to our house, and opened the car doors, the kids immediately said, “What’s all that noise?”  There are no crickets and cicadas in Alaska and their summer “night” is quiet!  Not so in Baltimore!  Ezra asked me, “What are the bugs sayin’?” I told him they were saying, “Welcome to our house, Ezra!”

Saturday we hosted an open house for their friends and family from the area and yesterday Tina and Nikki hosted an amazing baby shower for me (more on that later).  So today, everyone is sleeping in and finally letting themselves recover from jet lag.

Yesterday morning, after church, we went down to the Downtown Farmers’ Market for a little Baltimore fun.  We did buy some tomatoes and olive oil, but most importantly, we bought hot mini-doughnuts (like from the beach) and kettle corn.  Nothing like a good sugar jolt at 11:00 am!

Here’s a picture of the super-tall and grown-up Selah and me, which accomplishes two purposes – one, proof they’re actually here and two, finally a picture of how big my belly is getting! (And for any Sleepless in Seattle fans, this picture is taken in front of the Baltimore Sun building where Meg Ryan’s character worked and the building that you see her walking out of in the movie.)

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2 Responses to They’re here!

  1. Rachel says:

    AHHH YOUR BELLY!!!!! SOO cute my dear!!! Hi little one, Auntie Rachel looooooves you! Yay i’m so happy that they made it and that I have a super adorable picture of your belly 🙂

  2. Priscilla says:

    Beautiful belly!

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