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They’re here!

Eric and Meggan, Noah, Selah, Jonas, and Ezra arrived on Friday night!  We picked them up at the airport in DC in our friends’ massive Ford Excursion.  I felt like I was back in the Judge family Suburban days!  When … Continue reading

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For three years in a row, I had my students answer this prompt as part of a test at the end of a past tense unit: Write a paragraph telling  the story of how you think Mrs. B and Mr. … Continue reading

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More Thinking

A compelling argument here for “Breastfeeding as Worship.”  More things for me to think on as this little baby inside of me insists on making himself/herself known by moving all the time!

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That’s about all the sewing anyone can take for one day!

(And you thought this was going to be a blog about a baby, didn’t you?) I think I’m caught up.  I might have missed a little project here or there but basically, I’ve chronicled the last 6 months of my … Continue reading

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The buttons (January 2010)

I made the living room cushions last summer and fall but it took me until January to sew on the buttons.  Details are tricky little things.

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Unwearable (June 2010)

I need a new hat so I decided to make one from the book, Simple Sewing, which my friend Anne let me borrow.  The making of it was relatively easy, although sewing all those curved edges was definitely not that … Continue reading

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Welcome friends and family! (June 2010)

In anticipation of family coming this summer and fall, I made this super fun curtain for our upstairs bathroom, which is in our guest room.  I used the tutorial that I wrote myself a couple years ago.  It’s basically the … Continue reading

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