For three years in a row, I had my students answer this prompt as part of a test at the end of a past tense unit:

Write a paragraph telling  the story of how you think Mrs. B and Mr. B met.

I just came across this story that one of my students wrote in response to this prompt a couple years ago (this is faithfully reproduced, punctuation and all!):

When the Mrs. B came to the Baltimore.  And Mr. B saw the Mrs. B and Mr. B was surprise.  And Mr. B said, “O my goodness” “how she is beautiful!” And Mr. B and Mrs. B talk with each other.  And Mr. B send his mother to talked with Mrs. B family.  And the Mr. B mother talked with Mrs. B mother.  They said “yes”.  And Mr. B and Mrs. B married.  They lived very well.  After 2 years Mrs. B has a baby “but they don’t tell to their family.”  When their baby was in 5 years old they told to their family.  Their family surprise.  And they lived better than before because they have a baby.

I love the last sentence the best.

My students were so excited to find out that we were having a baby.  I think many other cultures hold children in higher regard (or as more highly desired) than in ours.  I certainly was asked many times, as soon as we got married, “Do you want a baby miss? When are you going to have a baby miss?”  (It was as if “Marriage = children” in their minds.)  It was my joy to be able to answer those questions in the affirmative this spring!

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2 Responses to Prophecy?

  1. Meggan says:


  2. jonandleah says:

    Haha, I love it! Yes, many other cultures think marriage=children. When we went to Lebanon last time, people would look so pleased to hear we were married. Then they would ask if I was pregnant. It seemed to go without saying that if we were married, I must be pregnant. We are also so excited that you are having a baby! Miss you guys and love you, L & Co.

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