Cloth Napkins (July 2010)

I managed to get 24 napkins made.

12 using this method (with a straight stitch rather than zig zag), which turned out beautifully but took forever and 12 using a simple “sew two pieces of fabric together, turn right side out and top-stitch” method, not quite as elegant but much faster.  I’m pleased with both!  And it was so fun to have enough cloth napkins to use at Eric and Meggan’s open house on Saturday night.  We’ve basically arrived at our quest to be able to host parties using nothing that’s disposable.

I might make a few more using this method but probably will use purchased binding rather than making my own.  It’s really cute to make your own but so much work!

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3 Responses to Cloth Napkins (July 2010)

  1. Meggan says:

    i love the rainbow stripe fabric so much!

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