I’m on Instagram! What’s Next? Periscope?

This post has two pictures you missed if you aren’t yet following me on Instagram.

This is my official announcement that I’ve finally given in and joined the crowd on Instagram. I had been resisting yet another way to waste time on my phone but once I figured out my niece was posting to Instagram (and not Facebook), I figured it was time to join in.

I’m @salmonandsouvlaki on Instagram too.

IMG_1845 (800x800)“Look! We built a big mosquito!” (???????)

I’m now planning to use Instagram as my primary method of documenting our homeschooling adventures (to satisfy the powers-that-be who insist we have to educate our children in a certain way).  Ellie isn’t officially kindergarten age until next year so for now, I’m just practicing. We have no plans to use any worksheets, set curriculum, or any other traditional means of schooling/documenting.  Pictorial documentation is the way to go for me.  Nik is going to write a computer program for me to scrape my Instagram account and organize it by topic (i.e #writing or #math) and that will help me both keep track of what/how we’re doing and be able to show a homeschool reviewer our progress.  I’m sure I’ll write more about this in the future on the blog too but if you want more of our unschooling, homeschooling adventures, then be sure to follow me on Instagram.

IMG_1854 (800x800)Digging for really huge “bugs” at Cromwell Valley’s Nature Discovery Zone.  They buried them too! #archaeology #entomology #nature #cromwellvalleypark #getoutdoors #unschooling #selfdirectedlearning

My nerdy sewing self has also been thrilled to discover that many of my favorite sewing bloggers who have mostly disappeared from their blogs are in Instagram instead! So my feed is now full of beautiful fabric!

For those of you who don’t want to be on Instagram (and I get that) or if you don’t have a smart phone (unfair I know), I now have my Instagram feed on the side bar of the blog’s home page.  Now that I’ve both notificed you that I’m on Instagram and also set up a way for non-Instagram users to see all the pictures, I’m not planning to post many of my Instagram pictures to Facebook (except for a rare “this is too cute not to share” kind of picture).  I don’t want to annoy anyone with too much hash-tagging! 🙂

So follow me on Instagram for up-to-the-minute sewing project updates, mini-blog posts on things I’m thinking about but aren’t worthy of full blog posts, cute kids, unschooling inspiration, and


And for the record, I have no Periscope plans…for now. 😉

P.S. I’m not sure why WordPress is automatically turning my @salmonandsouvlaki into a link that leads to a search.  Just ignore that, I guess.

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2 Responses to I’m on Instagram! What’s Next? Periscope?

  1. Sepideh says:

    I am going to apologize for stealing a part of your username here for creating my instagram account a year or more before you decided to have an instagram account.

    • Laura says:

      Ha! I just saw that you had followed me on Instagram and I was like, “There’s another souvlaki?!?!” until I figured out it was you! No worries – thanks for not taking the whole name. I might have had to challenge you to a duel over that one! 😉

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