The Voting Results You Should REALLY Care About

Ellie has finished her poll!  She wants you to know that there are no winners in her poll – only data, people, only data.

Here’s her results in graphic form:

029 (800x533)when I asked her to smile for the camera

030 (800x533) (2)when I asked her to say, “pig” (her preferred animal) 🙂

As you can see, we had to add another sheet because horse and sheep were so popular. In fact, her fingers are covering up the final horse vote that we had to draw an extra box for. That’s right, friends, HORSE was the…animal with the most votes. (Please do not make the mistake of saying, “winner.” She will correct you.)

For all you data people, here are the hard numbers (in no particular order, because, you know, no winners). We had 75 votes total. Ellie counted them up today and I recorded them.

  • duck: 11 (15%)
  • horse: 25 (33%)
  • pig: 11 (15%)
  • cow: 9 (12%)
  • sheep: 19 (25%)

This was a great project for Ellie.  It helped her practice talking to many different people (adults and kids), even strangers (like the servers at the restaurant we went to with family a few weeks ago) and I think she had a lot of fun making the graph too.  Art is her true love so math combined with art was a perfect fit. (Note the flowers decorating the edges of her graph!)

If you ever decide you want to do your own survey, feel free to use this chart that I made for her to use.  (It will open as a PDF.) Even Marko likes to “read” the results to us!

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who voted.  You really helped this little girl learn a lot about making graphs, about explaining concepts to other people, and that projects are fun!

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