Up, Up, and Away!

This month’s preschool theme is “Things That Go” so for our field trip, we went to the airport!  First, we went inside the terminal to the observation gallery.  Although we tried to interest them in the action outside (i.e. loading baggage onto planes, etc), really, all they wanted to do was climb on the toys.

012 (800x533) 021 (533x800)They did do a little looking outside! 🙂

014 (800x533)016 (800x533)017 (800x533)

We followed up our airport visit with lunch at the observation park where we got to watch the planes coming in to land right in front of us.

022 (800x533)so big!!

It did feel a bit strange to be at the airport without either flying home or picking someone up.  Now I’m ready for summer vacation!

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