Born In A Stable – Christ Our Ark – For All To Be Reborn!

Merry Christmas!

We love you all!

071 (800x533)Love,
Nik, Laura, Ellie, and Marko

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For this Christmas, I’m so glad to be able to share with you (with permission) this song, written by my dear friend Martha Mac Iver.  She hopes that everyone will sing it and asked me to share the recording with you so you’ll know the tune. The kids and I love singing it together!

The Great I AM Came Down
A Carol for Christmas (Morning Song

The inn was dark, no lamp was lit,
When they approached the door.
No room within, the stable grim
Would be the birthing floor.
The inn door shut for the one true Door
Who would that night be born.

The only light in Bethlehem
Shone down from heaven above.
And wrapped inside of Mary’s womb
It burst into the room.
The dark dispelled by’ncarnate love
The Light of the World was born.

Across the fields, the shepherds gazed
As glory filled the sky
And angel heralds, voices raised
Proclaimed the King come nigh.
To humble shepherds came the news
The Shepherd King was born.

With shepherds hast’ing to the loft
Intent the joy to share
A lamb approached the feeding trough
To greet the babe laid there.
He recognized the sacrifice
The Lamb of God was born.

That night the great I AM came down
To take on flesh and blood
Despising shame, His Father’s frown,
To save us from the flood.
Born in a stable – Christ our Ark —
For all to be reborn.

Martha Abele Mac Iver
Advent 2014
(to the tune of “O Holy City, Seen of John”)

The musicians on the recording are our friends Vic King on vocals, Mark McMillen on piano, and Sarah Kennedy on violin.)

P.S. Want to watch our children grow? Christmas 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010

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4 Responses to Born In A Stable – Christ Our Ark – For All To Be Reborn!

  1. Kaushal's Perspectivism says:

    Very Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Loved it.
    I think you’ll like my work:

    I’ve also written other love poems including: “they kissed”, “stupid’s magic” ans “beloved she”

    Merry Christmas.

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