Upping Your Cuteness Quotient for the Day

This blog post is for Nana, Grandpa, Yiayia, Pappou, and any other Salmon and Souvlaki readers who wish I would stop posting about shaving and baking and books, and just get on with the Ellie and Mark cuteness!

001 (800x533) (2)learning backgammon with Baba (they are Greek after all)

161 (800x533)Easter egg hunt happiness
(shaggy mane and all.  Nana – we need you to fly in from Alaska to cut it for us, OK?)

IMG_0330 (600x800)Winter hiking is cold! (from February)

IMG_0382 (533x800)Good “it’s a south pole Christmas” morning! (with pajamas from Yiayia)

IMG_0419 (600x800)“Mark is reading a book in the picture from Baba.  This is a plane.  You can lie down and take a rest and sit and read books and that’s it what we can do.  And we can bring babies on the plane.” (This caption is from Ellie!)

IMG_0444 (800x532)It’s a backrub train! (while I try to get some sewing done)

IMG_0447 (800x533)Switch!

IMG_0595 (800x600)“The giraffes have necklaces on.  The Baba giraffe has a necklace.  The one with the purple has a dress on and that’s a mama.  The other ones are little sisters.” (Ellie describing one example of ultra-cute giraffes that she was obsessed with making a few weeks ago.).

IMG_0803 (800x533)Everybody is walking on the bridge.  (Ellie’s words)
P and I and Ellie and Marko going on the bridge! (Mark’s words)
at the Rawlings Conservatory

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4 Responses to Upping Your Cuteness Quotient for the Day

  1. Cuteness overload!! I love the books on a plane one best!!

  2. stitchnsew says:

    they’re adorable!

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