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I’m Stocked Up On Peanut Butter and Arborio Rice. How Are You Doing?

We made a mad dash for Trader Joe’s this morning to stock up on peanut butter because who wants to be house bound if you’re out of peanut butter?  We also bought arborio rice because what if I want to … Continue reading

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Finish It Up Friday – Update #2

I did all the fast, easy projects last week so I don’t have many to cross off the list this week.  But I am making progress on finishing up Nik’s quilt.  I also fixed the office shades (a couple of … Continue reading

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It’s Only Fair After All

If Mark gets to sleep in the doll bed, Ellie should too! 🙂 much better with a blanket! 🙂

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Finish It Up Friday – Update #1

It’s definitely a good thing that I decided to publicize my intention to finish my WIP’s! 🙂  This week, I got a bit more work done on Mark’s quilt (although I still need two more blue prints so I’m at … Continue reading

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Mark Discovers Whipped Cream and Presents!

We had so much fun celebrating Mark’s first birthday last weekend.  We made and ate lots of amazingly delicious pizza. “Where has this delicious food been my whole life?” Stealing a great idea from my sister, Mark’s first birthday “cake” … Continue reading

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Seeking Recommendations: Your Favorite “Classic” Books

Hi everyone!  I’m planning to join in on the “Classics Club“, which is a challenge to read 50 classic books in 5 years.  I’m planning to read one a month so I’ll actually finish in just a little over 4 … Continue reading

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I Finally Feel Totally At Home In Baltimore (it only took a polar vortex)

This morning, when we woke up to single digit temperatures (something like -9 with wind chill), we opened our bedroom blinds and saw… ice on the windows!!! I’m home! Hooray! Life is finally normal! I know, a pitiful accumulation of … Continue reading

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