January/Februray Sewing Goals Update #3

**Look for the orange writing for this week’s update!
(Blue = update #1, Pink = Update #2)

1.  This mei tai for Rachel, Grace, and Drew too!FINISHED!!  I’ll try to send it along early next week! 🙂  Mailed yesterday!

2. Make a mock dining room curtain out of free fabric that I don’t care about (of which I have plenty) to test the design and make the pattern before I cut into the expensive beautiful fabric that we’ve had for over a year. – I at least have washed the free fabric (which was filthy from years of basement living.) 

3. Sew the buttons on the living room cushions. Finished!  Thanks to sewing club and my lovely friends who kept me company, I sewed 5 buttons last night and then was motivate to finish up with 4 more this morning.  This week, I also stuffed the pillows with a little more stuffing so that the cases fit perfectly.  So now this project is finally totally finished!

4. Take apart the travel pillow that Kristen made for me a long time ago, quilt over it to save it from falling apart, and put it back together again.  Finished!  This was a fun and easy project.  I tried my hand at some quilting and it was fun.  Now I want to make my own quilts.  And I hope Kristen’s beautiful pillow will last many more years now!
5. A birthday present for a young lady I know, whose mother reads my blog and consequently I can’t say anything more about it.    Finished! This one turned out totally cute!  I can’t wait to mail it!
6. Make the actual dining room curtains.

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2 Responses to January/Februray Sewing Goals Update #3

  1. nanacilla says:

    Crossing ’em off!  What a good feeling!

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