Nothing like a party for getting things done!

We had a birthday potluck on Saturday night for both Nik and me – Nik’s birthday was on Friday and mine is in 2 weeks.  My birthday weekend will be taken up by Brody and Lisa’s wedding (rehearsal/dinner on my birthday, wedding the next day) so we decided to celebrate together.  We roasted a leg of lamb on Nik’s new charcoal grill (a birthday present from Tina) and fun was had by all.I finished one cushion this summer and just hadn’t quite pushed myself to finish the other 3 so I decided that this needed to be it!  I finished the last one on Friday night and here they are!  (True confessions – I haven’t sewn the buttons on the back of 3 of them but I’ll get to that eventually.)

I am particularly most proud of the piping/cording, which I made myself.  In the process, I learned how to make bias tape, how to make piping and how to to make button back pillows.

The orange of the pillows doesn’t exactly match our orange wall but after over 2 years, I finally feel like we’ve pulled the orange wall and the green couches together!

Now to figure out what kind of curtains to put in the living room!


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7 Responses to Nothing like a party for getting things done!

  1. Aunt Zona says:

    Ummm, have you considered painting the wall to match the very attractive pillows?  That would be nice.

  2. nutmeggmama says:

    i just bought some awesome orange pants from Old Navy. The color is called Fox, and it’s a lovely rust color. Zona, you will have a fit when you see what awful orange the neighbors painted their house. I love orange, and this is wrong on every level. I have to see it every day out my little kitchen window. Safety Vest Orange. Hideous.

  3. jjandlj says:

    Great pillows Laura!  Very well done!

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