January/February Sewing Goals

I decided to move the sewing goals to their own post so I could keep them updated too.  I’ve also added a few more. 

1.  This mei tai for Rachel, Grace, and Drew too!

2. Make a mock dining room curtain out of free fabric that I don’t care about (of which I have plenty) to test the design and make the pattern before I cut into the expensive beautiful fabric that we’ve had for over a year.

3. Sew the buttons on the living room cushions.

4. Take apart the travel pillow that Kristen made for me a long time ago, quilt over it to save it from falling apart, and put it back together again.
5. A birthday present for a young lady I know, whose mother reads my blog and consequently I can’t say anything more about it. 
6. Make the actual dining room curtains.

P.S. Let me go on record to say that I am on a fabric buying moratorium.  I have so much fabric that I’ve run out of good places to put it.  So I just need to start sewing with it.  So from now on until I’ve made a very good sized dent in my “stash” (and this will probably take months if not at least a year), I’m not allowed to buy any fabric other than what minimal solids I might have to buy in order to finish up a project.  And even then, I’m going to try not to buy anything.  But definitely no more buying fabric because it’s cute and irresistible!

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3 Responses to January/February Sewing Goals

  1. jjandlj says:

    Good luck with the projects!Seeing the photos of Christmas makes me sad we weren’t there too.  Miss you guys.

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