January/February sewing goals – Progress Report #1

1.  This mei tai for Rachel, Grace, and Drew too!FINISHED!!  I’ll try to send it along early next week! 🙂

2. Make a mock dining room curtain out of free fabric that I don’t care about (of which I have plenty) to test the design and make the pattern before I cut into the expensive beautiful fabric that we’ve had for over a year.

3. Sew the buttons on the living room cushions.

4. Take apart the travel pillow that Kristen made for me a long time ago, quilt over it to save it from falling apart, and put it back together again.
5. A birthday present for a young lady I know, whose mother reads my blog and consequently I can’t say anything more about it. 
6. Make the actual dining room curtains.

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1 Response to January/February sewing goals – Progress Report #1

  1. nanacilla says:

    You’re cruisin’, Laura!

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