Scheduling Cleaning with Google Calendar

Nik and I use Google Calendar to schedule our life.  (If you don’t have Gmail, you should go sign up.  Right now.) When we first got married, one of our main sources of tension was house cleaning.  Not necessarily who would do it but how often, what, and when.  I’m told that this is not an unusual source of tension among married couples!  So a few months ago we sat down and mapped out all the major jobs that needed to be done in the house, how often we wanted to do them (realistically, which is far less often than my idealistic mind would like but oh well), and then made a schedule.  So we have some jobs we do every other week, others that we’ve designated for once a month and then still others for once every three months (like clean out the fridge).

Now all of this would get very confusing except that we’ve set up a cleaning calendar in Google Calender.  Our every-other-week regular cleaning jobs are designated as “Clean 1” and “Clean 2” and they are scheduled in that way.  We also have all the other jobs scheduled monthly.  We discovered that you can’t tell something to happen every three months.  So for those particular tasks, it shows up as “monthly cleaning”for the last Saturday of each month and then we click on the calendar item where it show us in the details list what job to do that day.

I love this system because it allows me to see the cleaning that we need to do in the context of what else is going on in our week/weekend (we have all the cleaning scheduled for Saturdays).  If we see that we’re going to have a particularly busy Saturday, we can make a special effort to get the cleaning done during the week.

It may sound complicated but it’s definitely eliminated a source of stress in our marriage and…

It works for us!
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3 Responses to Scheduling Cleaning with Google Calendar

  1. Wani says:

    We use yahoo calendars. Its a great way to keep our schedules in sync.

  2. Shannon H says:

    I have been needing to put myself on a cleaning schedule, I might give this a shot. Thanks!

  3. CJ says:

    I honestly never thought about using an electronic calendar to set up a cleaning schedule. It’s pretty genius, really! My phone reminds me what I need to do every day.

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