Ice Day!!

Yes, that’s a 1/4 inch of ice on top of yesterday’s snow day.  And so, I have to fulfill the other half of my bargain with myself.  Yesterday, I told myself, “This is a fun snow day so you should do fun things but if tomorrow’s another day off, then you should do necessary jobs.”  So yesterday, I had fun cleaning my sewing room, sewing, making cookies and zucchini bread, and making dinner for a good friend.  Today, I’m mending (bleck, I much prefer making new things!), doing some lesson planning, and cleaning out the fridge.  But hey, those are all things that I would have needed to do on Saturday!  And, I’ll finally get to wear the pair of pants that I bought last Christmas (as in 2007).  And maybe I’ll finish all of that in time to start on the bedroom curtains!

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