So last night I made what I am calling “Citrus Butter”.  I used the same marmalade recipe (from the SureJell box) but I used grapefruit and Honey Bells instead of oranges.  I also used my Microplane zester to remove the zest instead of using a vegetable peeler and then chopping up the big pieces.  As you can imagine, this gave a completely different texture to the marmalade.  I tried it because when we were in Florida, we went to Harvey’s, where we bought the Honey Bells and grapefruit and drank THE BEST ORANGE JUICE I’VE EVER HAD IN MY WHOLE LIFE, no exaggerating here.  They had both orange marmalade and orange butter.  The lady in the store told me that the only difference was that the zest in the orange butter was chopped much more finely than the marmalade.  So I decided to try it.  I think that in the end, I like the big pieces of peel better but I think that normal marmalade skeptics might enjoy the citrus butter more because the zest is almost unnoticeable.  So you get the flavor of it without having to eat it.  I like experimenting.  It’s fun!

As for my stomachache, well, I woke up Monday morning, got in the shower, and fainted.  Thankfully, I managed to get the shower turned off and lay down in the bathtub before I blacked out.  So I didn’t hurt myself.  It was the classic Vaso Vagal response that sent me to the neurologist last year.  I had the warning signs again and it went just like normal.  Ironically, just a couple days before, I’d thought, “Wow!  I haven’t fainted in over a year.  I must be over that stage!”  Ha. Ha.  Anyway, I felt awful and didn’t go to school.  Quickly, I realized that the reason I’d fainted was because I had some kind of stomach virus.  After a very unpleasant two days, I finally went back to school on Wednesday (mostly because I didn’t have any more sub plans) but I continued to have a really bad stomachache until Thursday afternoon.  I’m not sure why my stomach was hurting after my nausea went away.  But I’m better now so no worries!

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