A couple weeks ago, Nik and I went to an art opening at the Creative Alliance.  The exhibit was by a local photographer, Kate Lynn Morrill.  She went to Alaska last summer, to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity.  While she was there, she took some pretty amazing photographs.  They’re all black and white and were printed in mural size so the effect was really cool.  Nik and I were playing “Guess That Location” – he had the paper with the names and I was seeing if I could guess each mural’s location.  I did pretty well – especially once I figured out that she’d basically only been to Homer, Anchorage, and Hatcher’s Pass!  Anyway, Kate overhead us playing the game, asked us about it, and so I told her I was from AK.  She pointed me to one photo and said, “Do you have any idea where this is?  I know it’s on the way back to Anchorage from Homer and I’ve searched all over the map and can’t figure it out.”  And I said, “It’s not the Portage Glacier Lake?” (expecting her to say no – because that seemed to be a too easy and obvious answer to me.)  And she said, “YES!!  That’s it!! Thank you so much!”  We only stayed a few minutes at the opening but it was fun!  And I was glad to solve her geography dilemma!

If you go to her website, and click on the picture that’s at the top, four in from the Links button (it’s labeled landscape_B&W, when the mouse is hovering over it), you can see some of the pictures from the exhibit.

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2 Responses to Alaska

  1. nanacilla says:

    What a fun exhibit to find in Baltimore!  All those years of driving in AK and studying AK history paid off, it seems!

  2. nutmeggmama says:

    I wonder what group she was with. Our Service Adventure house usually has a HfH worker, and I cooked for Global Villages teams up here a few times.Cool.

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