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We’ve started buying our milk from South Mountain Creamery.  They’re located about 65 miles from us and are the only dairy selling milk at our farmer’s market.  For awhile, I bought 2% but for the past few weeks, I’ve been … Continue reading

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We Are The Champions!

WHITE TEAM WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WE’RE NUMBER ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO WHITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So my school has this tradition that happens the afternoon of the last day of school before winter vacation.  It’s called HOG Day – HOG meaning H[the name of my school] Olympic Games.  … Continue reading

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Coming Soon to a Blog Near You

Only two more days of school and then 12 days of Christmas break!!  And so, I’ve decided to do some serious blogging – as in, I’m challenging myself to do one blog post a day, for the entire break.  (The … Continue reading

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The Last Cabbage

I bought my asparagus farmer’s last cabbage, of the year.  Bye bye cabbage until next year! (At least from him.)  And, it only cost a dollar!  (I just call him the asparagus farmer because I always buy asparagus from him … Continue reading

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By the numbers

Two boxes mailed. Three more presents to make. One more box to pack. One more box to mail. Four more days of school. One birth of Jesus our Lord!

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Poetry Thursday

The Yak by Theodore RoethkeThere was a most odious yak Who took only toads on his back If you asked for a ride He would act very snide And go humping off yickety yak

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Well, I managed to make it to December without getting sick so I guess that’s not too bad.  I definitely got sick a lot more my first year so I think there’s some truth to my body building up an … Continue reading

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