We Are The Champions!

WHITE TEAM WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WE’RE NUMBER ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GO WHITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So my school has this tradition that happens the afternoon of the last day of school before winter vacation.  It’s called HOG Day – HOG meaning H[the name of my school] Olympic Games.  The school gets divided into half – white and red (our colors) and then kids volunteer to compete in a number of fun games, like carry a stack of Christmas presents or tape up Santa to the wall or drag your friend on a blanket.  I competed in the teacher relay – we had to sit on a little scooter and pull ourselves across the gym hand over hand with a rope that two students were holding.  My partner and I won for the White Team!  Go White Go!!

In the end, the White Team was the winner.  And, even though this is pretty silly, I’m still fairly hyper an hour later!

The only unfortunate thing about having a White Team is that there was a bit of, “White Power” chanting going on.  Not exactly the most racially sensitive thing to say.  (And I think most [I hope all] of the kids really didn’t realize the implications of what they were saying.)  Oops.

And, now we have twelve whole days of vacation!  It’s true – the teachers look forward to this more than the students!

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  1. jjandlj says:

    Yes, I remember too…it was so nice of you guys to go light-watching with me that night!  Such a fun memory!You guys would certainly like Lebanese food, there are a lot of similarities with Greek food.  Great olives, lots of olive oil, lamb, hommous, baklava, plain yogurt…it’s all so good!  Not all the spices are the same, but definitey Mediterranean similarities.  I have to say that I rarely found a Lebanese restaurant in the US that actually tasted like food we had in Lebanon.  The area we go to in London has a large Lebanese population and there’s a lot of good restaurants, and really cheap for eating out…and it tastes so much like real Lebanese food!

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