We’ve started buying our milk from South Mountain Creamery.  They’re located about 65 miles from us and are the only dairy selling milk at our farmer’s market.  For awhile, I bought 2% but for the past few weeks, I’ve been buying whole, non-homogenized (and consequently, cream on top) milk.  I originally started buying the whole, non-homogenized milk because Dad had mentioned to me that homogenized milk was actually quite unhealthy for you. I just did a bit of searching and found some info which suggested that homogenized milk has been linked to higher rates of heart disease.  So, until we can find a source for raw milk (which we are looking into, which is hard to find legally), we’re going to stick with this.  We also like that it come in a glass bottle so we’re not producing any waste.  Every week, I take back our old bottle and get the new one.  So health and the environment are two good reasons why we’re sticking with this milk.

But, to be totally honest, the main reason why we like this milk so much?

It tastes good.
Really good.
As in, I could drink the whole bottle and love every swallow.
I never liked to drink milk before.  I didn’t like how it tasted.  I didn’t have any attraction to it.
But this?  I think it tastes like milk is supposed to taste.
It makes milk from the grocery store taste like watery nothingness.
It makes me never want to buy milk at the grocery store again.
Even if we pay a good $1.00 more per half-gallon.
It’s worth it.
Now, I want to go have a glass of milk.
It tastes that good.

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2 Responses to Milk

  1. Aunt Zona says:

    I’m officially jealous!  Have you tried making butter yet?  I used to do that with raw milk YEARS ago.

  2. jjandlj says:

    I grew up on milk straight from the dairy as well…we’d go once a week and get 5 gallons of milk, with our glass containers, and have to skim the cream off the top.  Yum.  My sister and her husband had a cow share in Colorado before they moved to Australia so they didn’t have to have the milk pasteurized since they “owned” part of the cow.  They loved it as well.  If you use the cream a lot, you can probably make up for some of the extra money you spend on the milk too!  Enjoy!

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