Poetry Thursday

A continuation of our series,
“Poems Even a Middle Schooler Will Like.”

by Joyce Armor

If I should list my favorite words,
They’d sound a lot like this:
Rumble, crash, snort, jangle, thump,
Roar, fizzle, splat, moo, hiss.
Not to mention gobble, clang,
Tweet, sputter, tick tock, growl;
Crackle, chirp, boom, whistle, wheeze,
Squawk, jingle, quack, thud, howl.
Then of course there’s grunt, toot, cuckoo,
Thunder, bang, pop, mush,
Rattle, splash, rip, ding-dong, and…
My parents’ favorite – Hush

(and a prize to the first person who can name the literary technique used in this poem!)

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3 Responses to Poetry Thursday

  1. nanacilla says:

    Nope! but it’s a fun poem!

  2. nutmeggmama says:

    otamotapia?i don’t even know if it’s right, let alone the spelling.spell check says Mesopotamia!

  3. so, I am glad that you found out about a new job … how long do you have left with the kids? two weeks?

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