Finish It! Friday

From this (although I’d already been working for awhile when I remembered to take a picture, it was definitely worse):

to this (note that Dillingham is no longer swimming in algae-infested waters):

And also, I finished my corn sack!

And, even though this wasn’t on Friday, Thursday night, I repotted four plants, including this one, my newest addition from the Country Cupboard.  The Country Cupboard is where I always stop on the way to and from Lisa’s.  It’s about 1/2 way and they have a wonderful greenhouse. So on the way up, I get out, use their beautifully clean bathroom, relax in the greenhouse, and plan which plant I’m going to buy.  On the way back, I repeat the routine, except that I buy the plant!  Most of my plants come from there, including the baby tears in the corn sack picture.  My new plant is a streptocarpella.  Kristen has had one for at least five years and it just keeps on flowering almost year round.  So I’m hoping that mine will do the same!

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2 Responses to Finish It! Friday

  1. Aunt Zona says:

    I haven’t seen streptocarpella in a long time.  Yes, it’s beautiful.  I bought a hanging basket of it back in the Shady Dell days, and loved it in the shade.  Didn’t know it could be brought inside as a houseplant – I’ll try to find some here.  Pretty Baby’s Tears too.
    I still have the cornsacks you made for our family waaaaay back – and they still work great – no mold apparently grows in them.  As a matter of fact, I still warm my tootsies with one on cold winter nights, as well as treat stiff necks and chest congestion.  So – thanks again!
    The Country Cupboard looks like – well, perfect.  Maybe sometime I’ll enjoy it in person.

  2. judgie86 says:

    i am so excited to have plants!! hopefully i won’t kill them to repetitively! 🙂

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