My [Tentative] Summer Plans

So here’s my summer plans.

School ends – June 16th! đŸ™‚

Fly to MT and hang out with Dad – June 21-27

Back home to enjoy being on vacation in Baltimore – maybe go to the beach?

ASP 30th Anniversary Reunion in DC – July 7-9 (my Apt. 4 roommates will be there!)

Fly to Anchorage – July 10 or 11

Counsel at Tanalian  – July 15-24

Back to Anchorage and hang out until around August 5th or so

Fly to Portland to see the newest Judge baby! đŸ™‚ – stay there and hang
out with Mom, Chris, Katie, ?, and the Wilsons until around August 14th.

Fly home and take a week to recuperate.

Report to school on August 21st.


Any comments anyone?  Does this royally inconvenience anyone?  (Or even mildly inconvenience for that matter?)

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