Racism, Culture Clash, Poverty – I need a chick flick!

I’ve had a quite a weekend of confronting much of the sadness of race
relations and poverty in Baltimore and our country – through two movies:

1.  Glory Road

2.  Boys of Baraka
(This is a independent documentary about a Baltimore public charter
school for middle school boys that actually operated in Kenya.  It
won lots of recognition at the most recent Sundance Film
Festival.  I sort of doubt that Spearfish will be getting it
anytime soon and possibly not Anchorage either.  But once it’s on
DVD, I’ll buy it and we can all watch it together.  You can watch the trailer at the website at least.)

See them both.  I don’t have time to write more now but I need to
put some of my thoughts down on paper so I’ll be back.

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1 Response to Racism, Culture Clash, Poverty – I need a chick flick!

  1. leahrachelle says:

    Boys of Baraka looks good, but sad-I can’t imagine sending my kids away that young. Have you seen Mad Hot Ballroom? The name is dumb (I was wondering why fifth graders doing ballroom dancing was considered “mad” and “hot” and at first tossed it off), but I was curious if you had anything like that in Baltimore and your thoughts on it.

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