Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday (a note especially for those of you whose
churches may not be all that focused on the church calendar).  Not
that mine has mentioned it much either this year.  Anyway, I think
I’m going to go to an Ash Wednesday service tomorrow night at the Cathedral of the Incarnation (Episcopal) that’s just up the street from my house.

Kristen and I were discussing last night what we were going to give up
for Lent.  Two years ago I gave up reading fiction – which was
harder than I thought.  Last year, I think Lent blew by me, as I
was consumed in the cloud of grad school and student teaching.
Last year, Kristen gave up radio in her car – a hard sacrifice for her
because we love NPR so much.  This
year, Kristen is giving up websurfing.  She will let herself check
her e-mail and read the Baltimore Sun on-line (our way of getting news
because we don’t have a TV).  Otherwise, no Internet.
I think that I am going to give up all forms of sugar.  I haven’t
been eating dessert (other than a couple times of deliberate cheating)
since January because Lora Graham and I were doing that together.
But I think I am going to forgo sugar altogether.  That means no
sugar in my tea, no jam on my toast, no honey on my oatmeal.  I
may be miserable, I may feel much more healthy, I don’t know.
I’ll keep you posted.

Any other Lenten fasting plans out there?

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2 Responses to Lent

  1. leahrachelle says:

    Hey Laura! Good luck with the fasting of sugar! We as of now have no plans for Lenten fasting. I have done so during various years, but not every year. We are making pancakes today since it’s Pancake Tuesday (as celebrated in the UK) with sugar and lemon juice ;o) Since we don’t technically need to clean our house out of these ingredients for Lent, I admit there is not a necessity for it, but it’s a good remember that Lent is beginning.We’re excited to see you this summer when you’re in Alaska! Thank you for the idea about camp…right now we’re just not certain of job situations and so forth that we can commit to it, but we’ll keep it in mind in case it may work out. Have fun in Polaris with Dale! Be sure to go visit Papa T at his diner while you’re there-you can hear them discuss their “surgeries” in great detail before your meal ;o)

  2. nutmeggmama says:

    eric and i will need to discuss this tonight. weve been wondering when lent started.we will probably do the nt wright book together again…its been a while.you will get SOOOO SKINNY laura, if you cut out sugar. and feel super too, im sure.

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