Polishing highly recommended

We have an extended service plan on my rings, which requires me to take them in every six months to get them inspected.  So while I had them inspect the rings last night (and a good thing too because the stones needed tightening), I also had them clean and polish them.  Wow-eeee!!  My rings looks gorgeous!  Brand-new!  Platinum is amazing!  I can even see my reflection in them.  And good timing too because…

Happy three-month-iversary to us!

Here we come, wedding cake!

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3 Responses to Polishing highly recommended

  1. jjandlj says:

    We have the extended warranty but the 6-month check up is problematic when you don’t live in the US ;o)  Luckily, Jon picked an amazing setting for mine so I don’t have to worry too much about the diamond falling out.  (Although i did knock it slightly loose-not near falling out, thankfully-a month after we got married.  I was never so happy for such a sturdy setting!)Enjoy the wedding cake and happy 3-month-iversary!  I’m glad you have a shiny ring to admire too!

  2. That happens so quickly! Congratulations, and enjoy more cake.

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