You can get a lot of stuff done if you stay up four hours longer than you usually do!

First, Nik and I took down the queen bed frame that was in my room and sort of set up my table.  We were missing a few bolts.  But we were able to get it functional at least, if not fully stable.  Also, Nik set up an extra stereo that we have for me so I can listen to music/NPR up there!  Those things left me free to:

1.  Complete a fun project that will bring three people a little bit of fun over the next couple of months.  I can’t say what it is in case that person is reading.  I’ll tell you when the project is finally all delivered!

2.  Find a $10 gift card to Target among a bunch of year-end thank you notes from last year!

3.  Put a bunch of year-end well intentioned but unwanted thank you/wedding gifts into a Good will box, including this doll.  I mean, obviously, if your teacher is getting married, she needs a bride doll!

4.  Unpack 6 boxes and put the stuff inside of them into their right places.  There were piles of papers that I just put on a shelf.  I will sort those at another time when I’m more well rested!

Here’s a few before and after pictures:
One direction from the door – aren’t those little built in drawers cute?


Another direction, before and after:

I still have a long ways to go but it feels oh, so good, to get started on this huge project and finally get some important parts of my life out of boxes.  Some of that stuff has been in boxes for over a year, since my first move. I feel like I’ve been in transition for a long time. So it’s good to start really settling in!

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1 Response to You can get a lot of stuff done if you stay up four hours longer than you usually do!

  1. Aunt Zona says:

    You know, powder gray walls with maybe espresso (or black) and white  furniture, red accent pieces, a couple of nice area rugs – it could be beautiful up there.  What a great space!  Yes, I love the cubby-hole drawers – fun!

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