Today I…

[finally] got around to organizing our kitchen.  I went through and cleaned out all the cupboards, moved stuff around, weeded out a lot of old stuff we don’t need, and put away our gifts.  I also cleaned, cleared, sorted, and rearranged the corner hutches in our dining room.  The kitchen has more cupboard space than I thought – a pleasant surprise!  I’m still working on solving the “we only have one drawer” problem.  I think I need to find some long narrow plastic containers to put in one of my cabinets.  I think they could function as doors.  I also got out the tools and took out a contraption from under the sink that had gotten disgusting.  I also threw away cleaning supplies that could have been 20 years old.  In all, a hot, sweaty, and gratifying day.  That was most of my kitchen list – I still have to clean the fridge and finish a couple more cupboards.  But then, I have to move onto my other lists – 8 more categories – many more things to do.  Will I get it all done before we leave for Alaska on Monday?  Probably not but at least my extensive lists are motivating me to try!

And lest you think that Nik is a slacker, he’s most certainly not because he sat at his computer all day and edited the wedding video.  Hard work.  He’s basically done with the rough cut of the ceremony – but that still leaves the reception, and lots of fine-tuning.  Will he finish before we leave for Alaska on Monday?  We hope so!

And if you’re still reading at the end of this fairly boring post, thanks for being a committed reader!  I love you all!

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4 Responses to Today I…

  1. nutmeggmama says:

    that sounds so incredibly satisfying. your mom is ripping the house apart [in a very good way] doing all the projects that i never get around to doing. she’s going to paint selah’s yard sale dresser and shelf, and has done at least 20 loads of laundry. probably more. i just need to MAKE SURE i put away the too small clothes that we are weeding out so they don’t get put back in the laundry life cycle.the more you get done, the faster you will get to alaska, mrs. b.

  2. nutmeggmama says:

    I would love to see how you have arranged everything. A kitchen overhaul IS hard work but fun in its own way. For me, it’s that bringing order out of chaos thing. (Not that the kitchen was chaos, mind you!)

  3. nutmeggmama says:

    Okay – that last comment was from me(Mom) in case you couldn’t tell!

  4. Aunt Zona says:

    How very cool that you get to have your very own kitchen!  I mean, sure, you get to share with Nik, and husbands who like to cook are a real blessing, but – isn’t this your first Laura kitchen?  It’s a good, satisfying feeling.  Tyler finally talked me into making doughnuts yesterday – well, the batter (dough?). They aren’t quite fried yet – no time yesterday and Todd took the guys fishing at Diamond Lake today.  So we’ll fry them tonight and see how we like ’em!  Love, Aunt Z

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