The Tomatoes Finally Showed Up

I know I claimed a few weeks back that our tomato crop has been a big failure.  Amazingly, thankfully, the tomatoes finally decided to start blessing us with their presence!  It’s late October and the plants are full of green and starting to ripen fruit.

It’s nice to know that we didn’t completely fail at being gardeners this year!

A 20-ounce Cherokee purple.  It was delicious!

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5 Responses to The Tomatoes Finally Showed Up

  1. Lisa says:

    Good job! Ours would have done better if I’d watered them. Gotta love the longer growing season.

  2. Aunt Zona says:

    That is a huge tomato! Wow! Did you plant late?

    • Laura says:

      We had a whole bunch of problems Zona. We did our initial planting maybe 3 weeks late, which should not have mattered that much. But several plants didn’t make it so right before we left for vacation, we replanted 4-5 of the plants. When we got back almost a month later, most of those had died too so I replaced them with some other mystery tomato plants that had grown out of our compost that I’d put around our zucchini right before we left on our trip. So those did survive and got going almost two months late. Weirdly though, even the ones that did survive from our first not-too-late planting still didn’t start producing until September. We’re been hearing from other gardeners around here that it was a pretty bad summer generally for tomatoes (plus there was a bad blight up and down the East Coast). So who knows really what happened. Oh well. At least we got a few good ones!

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