First Peach!

Finally, finally, finally, we’re starting to accomplish our goal of having edible landscaping around our house.  We’ve been talking about doing this for years and this summer, finally managed to plant some fruit trees.  So we now have three blueberry bushes, two fig trees, a peach tree, and an apricot tree.  We also have space allocated for two apple trees, hopefully to be planted in the fall.

Here’s Ellie proudly showing off the first peach ever harvested from our yard!

006 (800x537)

The peach tree came with about six peaches on it and we’ve now eaten all but one of them.

007 (800x581)Beautiful!

We’re looking forward to many years of fruit!

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3 Responses to First Peach!

  1. Lisa says:

    How do you keep the birds or squirrels off them? The birds are pecking at my figs. I finally grabbed one today off the tree; it wasn’t quite ripe, but I beat the birds to it. The peaches are lovely hanging there. Enjoy them!

    • Laura says:

      So far, we haven’t had to deal with it. We picked the flowers off our blueberry bushes so they’d establish themselves better and our figs are still tiny. We have a bunch of netting that we’re planning to put over the trees once the birds are interested in them. That’s easy enough for us to do now because our trees are small. Once they’re big (and we’ve heard that doesn’t take long), I’m not sure what we’ll do!

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