Weeding in a Torrential Downpour (or what a mom does to get a little alone time)

Tuesday night, Mark and I were outside after dinner, having a lovely time.  I was weeding and he was happily digging with his beloved trowel.  Then, the rain started.  We were under a tree (tidying up a mulch ring) and for a while, the branches were sufficient cover.  Soon, the rain picked up, the branches weren’t enough anymore and Mark started to complain.  I took him in and said to Nik, “I’m a little tempted to just go back out and finish the job.”  It had been so wonderfully cool outside and I did have a bit of a deadline on my hands (i.e. must get the weeding done before the giant pile of mulch is delivered at the end of the week).

So I stayed out in the rainstorm, weeded for about a half hour, got completely, thoroughly, deliciously soaking wet, and wow, was the weeding easy!

003 (800x800)me, laughing at Ellie’s reaction when she saw me, “OH MAN!!!!!!”

004 (800x800)totally soaked and feeling great!

P.S. Yes, it was probably a bad idea to be out in a thunderstorm but I was under or close to trees the whole time so that’s safer, right? 🙂

P.P.S To the master gardeners reading this (Hi Zona! Hi Lynn!) or anyone else who gardens, yes, I know it’s a terrible idea to work in soil when it’s super wet.  It strips the soil of its natural structure (like earthworms tunnels, etc), compacts it, and generally makes it not hospitable for life.  However, I was primarily weeding in an area that’s between our sidewalk and driveway and we walk on it all the time.  So I wasn’t worried about it.

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