He’s Three! (but don’t mention that fact to him!)

053 (534x800)

Three years ago today, I did some of the hardest work of my life to bring our precious boy Marko into the world.  Now, we can’t imagine our world without him.  Lover of backhoes, trains, vactors, and dump trucks, he keeps us laughing every day with his EXCITEMENT ABOUT EVERYTHING, his extravagant giving of kisses, and his huge bursts of energy.

We went from this:

002 (800x533) - Copyto this in about 3 seconds!

063 (800x800)love those toes!

318 (800x800)a bit blurry, as are many of the pictures we take of this boy who doesn’t sit still

Every day I marvel at the gift of getting to be Marko’s mother.  I am so grateful for him and can’t wait to discover more of the incredible person he is sure to become.

IMG_1738 (600x800) 131 (800x533) 083 (800x533)

Happy Birthday, Marko! We love you so much!


Please do not make the mistake of congratulating him on turning three though!  He refuses to acknowledge that it’s his birthday, says, “I’m skipping my birthday. I will be 2 forever,” and wouldn’t even let us sing him Happy Birthday today. He did, however, consent to blowing out his candles (just with no singing), opening presents, and eating chocolate cupcakes!

Ironically, his cousin Luke (who also has a birthday in January and with whom we celebrated today) doesn’t even like chocolate cupcakes. 🙂

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5 Responses to He’s Three! (but don’t mention that fact to him!)

  1. Mom says:

    What a cute stinker!

  2. Kay Weaver says:

    Laura, your children are so beautiful & cute. They must take after their mother. Marko is a hoot wanting to stay two forever. I guess he had an unbirthday party today. Congratulations on making it through the terrible twos unless he really stays there. Hugs, Kay

    • Laura says:

      Thank you so much, Kay! And so nice to hear from you too! 🙂 Mark has had a rather terrific twos-year. So I wouldn’t mind if he hung out there a bit longer!

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