Spring is Here!

Nik and Ellie celebrated by building a snowman!

038 (800x533)

This was Ellie’s first time really playing in snow because last winter was a total bust.  (Technically, this winter was pretty much a bust too because we got our first real snow in the springtime.) Hurray for her first snowman!

050 (800x533) 061 (533x800)I’m wearing my mom’s boots, which she wore when I was little! 🙂

034 (800x533) 014 (800x533)

The crocuses and daffodils are in a bit of shock.

063 (800x533) 062 (800x533)

Mark slept through it all.

064 (800x533)

P.S. We love snow days!

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3 Responses to Spring is Here!

  1. Mom says:

    I thought those boots looked familiar! Ellie looks pretty cute in that snowsuit. Too bad she didn’t get to wear it more often. We’re getting dumped on too. Winter’s last fling. (Hopefully!)

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