September/November Sewing: Corn! In Sacks!

(I’ve fallen pretty far behind on my sewing posts over the past few months.  So look for a bunch over the next few days!)

If it wasn’t for corn sacks, Nik and I probably would have gotten rid of our microwave long ago.  But we just can’t make it through the winter without having that steady source of portable warmth available at all times!  For those uninitiated in the joys of a corn sack, it’s just a bag filled with feed corn that you heat up in the microwave.  Especially when thrown under the covers at your feet in bed, it stays warm for a long time and makes going to bed in a cold house a much nicer prospect!

In September, I made one for my friend’s mother as a commission.  I was told that she “liked blue” but that was it.  So, applying that broadly, I designed this little yellow and blue case to go with the blue sack of corn.

005 (800x533) (2) 007 (800x533) (2) 006 (800x533)

In November, I sewed this corn sack as a thank to a neighbor friend of ours who oh so generously gave us four blueberry bushes and four pots of rhubarb.  I didn’t know her tastes in fabric but figured that you can’t go wrong with green and leaves for a gardener, right?

007 (800x533) 002 (800x533) (2)003 (800x533)Why single-stitch when you can triple-stitch, right?

Corn sacks are something that I’ve been contemplating making to sell.  Let me know if you’d be interested in buying one!

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