November Sewing: A Bag for A Dear Friend

One of my friends from church is currently recovering from hip replacement surgery.  A week or so before her surgery, she asked me if I could come up with something to hang on her walker so that she could move small items with her from room to room in her recovery time.  I set out intending to just make a really simple bag but I love making bags so much and rarely have a chance to make them.  I couldn’t help myself and ended up making a super cute one that now I want to make more of!

008 (800x533) (2)

The strap needed to be split in the middle in order to  be able to be strapped onto the walker.  I used two pieces of Velcro, hoping that would be strong enough for her phone, water bottle, etc.009 (800x533)

And, just for fun, I densely quilted the straps and the accent strip at the top.  010 (800x533)

I love that blue/green color combination.  I used the blue fabric in my sister-in-law’s Christmas present two years ago and was glad to find the perfect project to use up the leftovers!

I hope this bright little bag makes the next few weeks just a little bit easier for my dear friend as she pushes herself through physical therapy and on towards an easier life with a new hip.  Anyone else need a bag for a walker?  I have fun making them.  I could even take some commissions! 🙂

*I used the dimensions from the medium bag of the Oh Fransson “Little Shopping Bag” tutorial. I can’t find the blog post on her site now but the PDF still seems to exist.  These were the bags (along with the Buttercup bag) that introduced me to the fun of sewing bags.  Outside of the dimensions, the rest of the design is my own.

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2 Responses to November Sewing: A Bag for A Dear Friend

  1. Sepideh Miller says:

    Did you use interfacing in the strap and the lime green part of the bag or is the stitching what gives it that stiffness that is important to these types of projects?

    • Laura says:

      Hi Sepideh! Sorry I missed this. Yes, I definitely used interfacing on the strap and lime green section. I added the extra lines of stitching to give a bit of extra stiffness but really just for looks. It’s the interfacing that makes a difference. I used (I think) Pellon Craftfuse 808 (or something like that). It’s on the stiff end of their interfacing line but not the super thick stuff.

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