A Weekend Getaway, Part 3: Waterfalls and Vultures, Oh My!

Here’s part 1 and Part 2.

Sunday morning we decided to take a bit of a detour through Letchworth State Park on our way home. The main entrance to the park is only about 20 minutes from Houghton so during college, it was the place we went on an occasional Sunday afternoon for some exploring.  It’s also where everyone seemed to take their graduation and/or engagement photos.  This time, we went in a new entrance to us (the one closest to Lisa’s house).  On the way there, we stumbled across the Castile Cider Mill.  It had just opened for the day and they were selling piping hot cider fry cakes, which may just have been the best doughnuts we have ever eaten. Along with apple cider and delicious apples too, we were well supplied for our trip to the park!

IMG_0107 (600x800)

The first overlook after we entered was the Archery Field overlook, complete with gorgeous views of the canyon and soaring vultures.

IMG_0115 (800x600) IMG_0116 (800x600)
so cool to be looking down at the vultures!

At the Upper Falls, a train happened to be coming over the trestle, which TOTALLY made Mark a happy boy! “Ain!! AIN!!!!”

IMG_0125 (800x600) IMG_0114 (600x800)IMG_0135 (800x600)

I love Nik’s eye for color in photography.

At the middle falls, we all enjoyed the roar of the falls and the beauty of the canyon. IMG_0143 (800x600) IMG_0145 (800x600)

A very kind stranger obliged us by taking a picture, “no charge!”, of our whole family at Inspiration Point (note both the Upper and Middle Falls behind us).

IMG_0122 (800x600)

After lunch at the lower falls, Mark discovered a new best friend in the gift shop.IMG_0124 (800x600)saying “turtle”

And here are a few shots from our drive home, fall color, handsome driver, and all!

IMG_0132 (800x504) IMG_0130 (800x600) IMG_0126 (800x600)

Lisa, we’ll definitely be back sooner rather than later to visit if you can promise me that we’ll have time to go to the cider mill and buy more fry cakes! 🙂

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1 Response to A Weekend Getaway, Part 3: Waterfalls and Vultures, Oh My!

  1. Lisa S says:

    Hey, we have a picture of us under that same train trestle! No train though, we weren’t that lucky. We stayed a weekend a couple of years ago in one of the rustic cabins and explored the park and canyon. So pretty there. My family are from that area (Jamestown, actually) and I think my dad camped there every summer with his parents. Glad you got to see old friends and your alma mater, and the beautiful colors everywhere!

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